I'm an outgoing, open book whose nose scrunches up when I laugh. I love being outside rain, snow or sunshine. I love to laugh and get to know others while listening to their stories. It's amazing to me how many great things and hardships people pull through. It put's life into perspective and I'm honored to get to know such genuine people in this world!
I was a girl who grew up with a creative mind naturally. I was always crafting, drawing or painting; reviving old pieces of furniture or brightening up a dark room. My grandma who has been the biggest influence in my life taught me to see things differently from others and
she is the reason my creativity has taken me this far. She helped to cultivate my love for creating beautiful imagery and being content with knowing that I see and do things uniquely opposite of others; "and that is beautiful in itself" she would always tell me.  
I was drawn to the camera and pastel light as a child though I could never figure out why, I didn't ever think I would become a wedding photographer nor learn to shoot film and fall madly in-love with the process of film. Yet it has been one of my greatest adventures and has given me new purpose and joy in times of hardship. Being able to preserve beautiful memories, serving others and teaching young photographer's is a life that's highly rewarding and humbling.

Behind the Camera

Hello there! I'm Ashley a die hard fan of white mochas, lavender and film

The beach is a place I could visit monthly. For me, there's nothing more relaxing or more inspirational than drinking hot coffee while wrapped in a blanket on the balcony watching the sun rise over the ocean. Seaside and Cannon Beach are my favorite places to visit. 


I remember the very first time I saw a film photographers wedding photo. It caught my attention like nothing else ever had. I knew something was different about it, but I didn't know exactly what that was. After being drawn to the aesthetic of film, I knew I had to start shooting it. Digital wasn't ever going to be able to accomplish the softness of film. I have fallen madly inlove with the process of shooting film and cherish the ability to shoot it!


At my house you'll find lavender plants throughout the flower beds and dried lavender in the house. Lavender tea and shortbread cookies have always been a summer-time favorite for me, and I could eat them every day. 



When Cash was born my entire world changed in the most magical way. His bright personality and free spirit has given me the sense of purpose I needed for such a long time. 

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Pineapple upside down cake 

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Equine Reproduction

Fuji 400H

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