I love to laugh and get to know others while listening to their stories. It's amazing to me how couples meet, the hardships people pull through, the coincidences that brought them together and every detail intertwined into their wedding day. I'm honored to get to know such great people in this busy world. 

I started shooting film in the spring of 2018 and instantly fell in-love with the sound of the shutter, the softness and beautiful tones it naturally produces and really the overall process. I'm really grateful for film and how it forces me to slow down while shooting, getting every detail perfect in my frame before I press the shutter. I believe that the connection between my clients and I is ultimately one of my very top priorities and I can only hope that my clients and I share a smidge of the connection that I share with my film camera. That is something that I really work towards.

I want that beautiful and unique connection with film to carry over into our relationship, from your engagement session all the way to your wedding. 
 I want to get to know you and your quirks and what you love most about one another so that I can capture the essence of your love in each photograph and create images that are truest to you. I don't want us to "fake it". I want a genuine connection with you from the moment we meet, till past your wedding day. 

I want you to understand and enjoy the importance of your photographer on your wedding day and trust that I am watchful and will capture each special moment during your day, during your time with your bridesmaids, during your vows and when you don't know I am watching. Those un-posed moments are what makes your love story your own and that is something I am passionate about capturing. 

Behind the Camera

Hello there! I'm Ashley I love white mochas, lavender and film!

Photos by Katlyn Marie 

The beach is a place I could visit monthly. For me, there's nothing more relaxing or more inspirational than drinking hot coffee while wrapped in a blanket on the balcony watching the sun rise over the ocean. Seaside and Cannon Beach are my favorite places to visit. 


I remember the very first time I saw a film photographers wedding photo. It caught my attention like nothing else ever had. I knew something was different about it, but I didn't know exactly what that was. After being drawn to the aesthetic of film, I knew I had to start shooting it. Digital wasn't ever going to be able to accomplish the softness of film. I have fallen madly inlove with the process of shooting film and cherish the ability to shoot it!


At my house you'll find lavender plants throughout the flower beds and dried lavender in the house. Lavender tea and shortbread cookies have always been a summer-time favorite for me, and I could eat them every day. 



When Cash was born my entire world changed in the most magical way. His bright personality and free spirit has given me the sense of purpose I needed for such a long time. 

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