March 23, 2020

Utilizing your time at home – For The Wedding Industry



We will all get through this. This is a test of courage and strength, a test to find your weakness. A chance to build on those weaknesses and a chance to become well rounded and aligned. This is a time to look around and enjoy the things we take for granted. To be thankful for the things we’ve become accustomed to. This is a time to see just how quickly things can change, especially surrounding covid-19. This is a moment in time to reconnect with yourself and your family. This is a time to give extended grace and to help those who truly need it. This is a time to fight on our knees and to keep our eyes on Jesus. Nothing is done without his authority – He is on the throne and we will get through this.



With so much extra time on our hands I thought that this would be a great tool for photographers. I am sure there are postponements in everyone’s schedules right now! Here are some ways to utilize the extra time we have been given. I hope that this helps our business as it has helped mine too!

Below is the download link!

Utilizing Your Time At Home PDF


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