September 7, 2018

Oregon Coast Sunset Editorial

My third roll of film was shot here. because of the way film has changed things for me I was able to hear the ocean, the seagulls, feel the mist on my face and that soft sand under my feet; all while behind my film camera. Something I hadn’t felt, seen or heard behind my digital..ever.

It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve seen on the Oregon coast, just warm enough, just windy enough. The tones produced on the coast that night were nothing less of remarkable, the sea was a light green, the exact color of her dress, the sky was a light pink and yellow, and the rocks on the sand had a blue tint. The memories made that night will always be with me, and the incredible vendors who I felt so connected to right away made it all come to life. With this team I felt like we were all so present, living in these moments and enjoying every single part of the beach, down to the sand moving underneath our feet and water crashing up against the rocks.



I wanted to share my film scans that turned out from that night. Later this coming week I will share the digital’s!

film stock: Fuji400H

scanned by: TheFINDlab

Florals: Twin Vines Floral Design

Hair & Makeup: The Union Knot

Decor Styling: Under The Veil NW

Calligraphy & Stationary: Caitlin Obryant Design

Dress: Ashley Marie Photography

Model: Elizabeth Reck










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